Josh Peterson - KK7QAS
Echolink Node: 201067
HH: 6100002512

I have recently begun setup on XLX606. The dashboard is available here. Currently, and until further notice, this reflector supports all modes, but DOES NOT support cross talking between modes. Once I have obtained some AMBE chips, I will set this up. It is also my intention to have a permanent bridge from my AllStar node (61037), which I will expose to the Hamshack Hotline network allowing bridging from within that network as well. Assuming those things work smoothly, the last goal is to setup an autopatch with PSTN access (if I'm able to come up with some logic to make it behave how I want it to).

I am working to change the IP listed for XLX606 which is currently dynamic through my ISP to my FQDN 'somberjp.com' which is routed to the ip via NoIP DynamicDNS and should stay up to date. For now, if you are having trouble connecting or not seeing yourself on the dashboard, ping somberjp.com to get my IP and make sure your Hotspot, etc IP for XLX606 matches.