OpenSpot SharkRF Server

Josh Peterson - KK7QAS
Echolink Node: 201067
HH: 6100002512

The OpenSpot 4 is a versatile digital hotspot device. It allows you to connect your digital radio transceiver to the internet, enabling communication with other radio operators worldwide through digital voice modes / networks such as DMR, D-STAR, YSF, and others. In short, if your radio supports one of the previously listed modes, but you don't have a repeater in range that does, this will be your participation ticket.

I run a SharkRF Server, which allows any openspot user to connect directly from anywhere in the world. Any mode that the OpenSpot supports is supported on my server. It is mostly intended as a place for me and my friends to privately test things without disturbing others, but I welcome and would be happy to see any traffic. It works similar to a server from any of the supported modes in that anyone connected at the time of your transmission will be able to hear and respond. If you try to connect and can't, reach out and I'll investigate / help.

You can access the dashboard here

Connecting to my SharkRF Server

openspot screenshot
Click image above for larger.
  1. Enter '' in the Server address field
  2. Port 65100 should be set by default, enter it if not
  3. Server password should be blank (nothing entered)
  4. Your DMR ID and Callsign should automatically be populated, enter them if not
  5. (Optional) - If you go to the 'Connectors' tab, you can use the 'Add server' button to save the server, then you can select it from the dropdown in the future

If this sort of thing interests you, check out the work I'm attempting to do on XLX606.