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Oops someone fell out of rhythm

Posted on 1/13/23 at 19:31

Posting this from Escondido, as I've taken my trip to California. The ProScan server is not up, but that's alright. I've also had some setbacks, but life presses on. I had my first FT8 contact today... FT8 is cool, can't wait to get more into digital. Still working on the antenna setup. I think I will get a magloop. I also need to get some amps. I have my eye on the 100w KXP100A from Elecraft and a 60w? VHF from Italy... will let me use my KX3 pretty nicely. I also want to replace my Signalink with a Digirig... Eventually may get a 705, I like that it has bluetooth and wifi... makes for some nice DSTAR capabilities. I'm registered but haven't used yet... need some more info.

In other news I preordered a Kenwood TH-D75A while sitting in the UVARC meeting... super excited for that to come. UVARC meeting was really cool... Got to put some faces to callsigns, met Dave and Noji both in the flesh. Also won a drawing... I got a ARRL membership and my friend got a Baofeng.

Changes to the site, first QSOs

Posted on 12/31/23 at 01:56

Today was a pretty good day. I haven't made much progress cleaning, but I have made some in other areas. I got an iCharger X6 today (big fan of iChargers but had been putting off getting one). This will replace my ISDT lil charger and let me use it as a power supply that can output up to 30A... perfect for radio. So this is what I'm running my radios and scanner off of in the car, and I'm quite happy with it, its performance, and its size

Another exciting accomplishment today - finally got my reverse proxy setup for the Proscan webserver, and it's handing downtime. So I can now more freely start and stop the server, move my scanner around and go on outings without fear of leaving a blank hole on my website :)

Lastly, some radio accomplishments - I tested the DMR upgrade on my SDS200 by listening to some of my old colleagues out at the Tyson plant. It was fun and I really missed them. It worked well, and they've got some great range on their system out there lol. While driving mobile out there, I made a QSO with a young man in Vernal who had recently gotten his Tech license just like me. It was a really cool day and my first time using the Sinbad system. This was my second QSO, the first being the legend himself, Dave KI6OSS, helping me out with some testing in my mobile setup the night before.

Janurary 2024

Getting Ready for new years

Posted on 12/28/23 at 10:59

In trying to get ready for the new years, I'm working on deep cleaning my room / shop area. There is a lot to do: laundry, lipo maintenance, equipment cleaning, etc. My areas are pretty messy and neglected, so I have a long way to go unfortunately. Trying to get it done as it will be so worth coming home to a spotless place.

Aside from cleaning, I feel I need to get into some better habits. One is staying involved in tech on my own since my new work doesn't keep me nearly as involved anymore. Site rewrite was a good start, radios will help, and I'll keep posting to this 'blog' as I feel that's a good habit and gives me something to look back on. In personally reflecting on 2023, I do see some areas of growth, but I'd like to see a lot more next year. I feel I can't be upset as my head just wasn't in it for most of the year. It was definitely a hard year for many, but I feel that I can finally feel some changes coming... or maybe it's just hope, which is good nonetheless. In reflecting further, I'm grateful for friends, family, and what I have in life. Grateful to have a roof over my head and a place I can live freely, and the ability to geek out with my hobbies.

In effort to not get overwhelmed and give up with the goal setting, I will keep it light with one last: to be more active. I'm fortunate enough to 'appear' somewhat athletic and in shape (genetics and childhood, I suppose), though I am very much not in shape these days. I will change this and get back into shape and start treat my body with respect again. I'll also work on my intake and try to eat more healthily and responsibly (something I have literally never been good at - I still remember the last tomato I ate, 18 years ago...). Should be an adventure and humbling experience.

California trip

Posted on 12/27/23 at 01:26

Next week I'll be heading to California for a change of scenery. I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet, but I'll likely bring my scanner and some radios to play around with. Maybe some drones as well. I will be working, but it will be nice to be out of the cold.

I will try to work on the site and do some studying for my Extra license

KX3 Has arrived

Posted on 12/26/23 at 19:14

My Elecraft KX3 has finally arrived! I don't have everything I need to use it yet, waiting on some cables / adapters, but one step closer and the thing is such a beauty.

Website Revamp

Posted on 12/26/23 at 15:43

Today I felt like revamping the old site... so here we are. I moved the music stuff to its own pages and added a HAM and Drones page. Also got Pro Scan webserver up and hosted at somberjp.com

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