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You may know me as: Josh, jp, somber, somberjp, or most recently KK7QAS. If you are one of my 7 friends, it's likely none of this will come as a shock to you, but if we haven't yet met, please feel free to get to know a bit about me here. If you are a fellow HAM or have interest in amateur radio, please checkout my HAM page and I hope to hear you on the air! You can find my profile links on the left of the page.

I'm currently living in Alpine, Utah with one roommate. My interests include: spending time with friends and family, flying and building drones, playing music (guitar and singing), amateur radio, rotting on the internet, and a long, rapidly changing and continuously growing list of other very nerdy stuff. I'm currently studying for my Amateur Extra license and then will begin trying to learn CW or Morse Code... Looking forward to speaking with anyone interested or already involved in the hobby and of course always beyond excited to receive advice or QSL cards. See contact email here, at the bottom of the page.

For work, I have experience in QA, and most recently Technical Support. I currently work as a Support Specialist at Gozney (the Pizza Oven Company) after briefly spending some time at Tyson Foods (as a Machine Operator > Line Lead) following a downsizing at Loom where I was a Technical Support Engineer. I'm working on improving my phone skills (something that comes new with the position) as I'd like to potentially get into sales or something similar as I look to expand my portfolio. I am extrememly interested in finding work that aligns with either of my major hobbies, but primarily involving radio in some way. I do a bit of simple dev/scripting in my spare time, but nothing I've ever felt would merit be being part of a team or doing it professionally.

Prior to my HAM radio infection, I was primarily into drones, a hobby that started with RC Cars, then a few Planes and Helis. I own a Traxxas XMaxx, E-Revo 2.0, a Brushless Bandit VXL. I have two Night Radians that I've crashed into pieces and will never fix though I did like flying them (UMX radian makes a much better, more fun, and very cheap plane for beginners and seasoned guys). For Drones, I've got a laundry list (most I have built with the exception of the DJI and a tiny-whoop I've got) from a DJI Mini 2, 2 twin Digital FPV drones that I built on BQE Bandolero Frames, a BabyTooth, a couple 7" (one is a Bando) and more. I am FAA Part 107 certified for about a year and half though I've yet to find an opportunity for a commercial flight to date. Feel free to hit me up for any work, advice, help with builds or just to fly. Note that I am a bit out of practice and lacking some passion ;)

I have dedicated 'Drone' and 'HAM' pages with more info on each of the hobbies. Right now I'm primarily using this site to learn and refine my HTML / front end skills as the last time I did a course I think I was 16.

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